知らなかったんですが、Dockerのクライアントサイド、特にネットワーク層、ストレージ層、仮想化層などはOCamlとCで書かれているんだそうです。UIはGo / Swift/ C#のようです。(それぞれ Linux, Mac, Windows ということだろうか?)

Docker is the world’s leading software containerization platform, and lets developers package up their applications into a standardized unit for software development. The code behind Docker is open-source, and consists of code written in Go and Python (for the server side), and Go, Swift, C#, C and OCaml (for the desktop side). Docker for Mac and Windows [1] ship some heavy use of OCaml in the networking, storage and virtualization subsystems, primarily from the MirageOS project. Much of this OCaml code is open-source under an ISC/MIT license and available via OPAM and directly on GitHub [2,3]

Docker is currently hiring for our Paris office [4], primarily for a Core Software Engineer to work on the UI components of Docker for Mac and Windows (which has seen very rapid uptake among the Docker community). We are searching for developers who have a good knowledge of Swift, Objective-C and C#, and a desire to interface with low-level components written in OCaml and C (the hypervisor, networking and storage components). We particularly encourage applications from under-represented groups in technology — please feel free to contact me and/or Anil Madhapeddy directly if you have any queries.