宮澤 篤氏 (慶應義塾大学 大学院理工学研究科 藤代研究室)
9/27 (Thu) 15:00-16:00
東京工業大学大岡山キャンパス 西8号館W棟W1008
W1008, 10th floor, West wing, West 8 building, Tokyo Tech Ookayama

迷子が頻発しています西8号館にはE棟とW棟がありますが、ふたつの棟は3階と10階のみで繋がっています。正門から西8号館に向い、正面玄関からはいったところはE棟です。はいってすぐのところのエレベータは利用せず 廊下を伝って奥の W 棟にむかい右手のエレベータを利用して10階においで下さい。セミナー室はこの階の一番奥の部屋です。

A Figurative and Non-topological Approach to Mathematical Visualization
The term figurative refers to any form of mathematical visualization that retains strong references to the geometry found in the real world. This paper explains the figuration process for some basic mathematical functions definable in the n-dimensional complex projective space. In the latter part of this paper, we raise a question that has been neglected thus far: What does the Riemann sphere’s axis stand for? We show that the answer can be obtained only by observing from the inside the sphere by setting the viewpoint of the immersive environment to the origin, which is always undefined in projective geometry. We also draw some basic math functions that are familiar to us on the projective plane and observe the invariant properties that exist among the functions, which were thought to be different from one another.
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